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About Friends of the Taos Library


The Friends of the Taos Public Library provide a number of services  to the Taos Library and general community. Types of services include fundraising for library improvements and maintenance, outreach activities such as quarterly newsletters and website updates to keep the community informed about the Taos Library, hosting events and readings for public attendance, care and maintenance of the outside garden, running a small, low cost self serve bookstore for the community and similar efforts.

Activities & Events

The Taos Library hosts numerous in house activities such as hosting book clubs, weekly Spanish classes, yoga classes, various youth and children activities and seasonal events. Additionally the Friends of the Taos Library plan and host a summer reading and discussions schedule of events which are open to the public. Topics are varied such as geology, history, folklore, current events and much more. They also hold seasonal book sales from the bookstore.

Whatever the activity, all efforts are intended to support and enhance the community resource of the Taos Library, and increase public awareness and participation in this wonderful institution!

Used Bookstore

The Friends of the Taos Public Library maintain a self-serve bookstore located directly to the right as you enter the library. It is stocked with popular interests, genres and titles which are refreshed monthly by volunteers and members of the Friends, and meant as a low cost purchase option for acquiring books of all types for home reading and library additions. Funds raised by the purchase of books are donated or directly used to enhance the Taos Library services, equipment and support.

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