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Ways to Support The Friends of the Taos Public Library

The Friends of the Taos Public Library receive support through both public and private contributions, including grants, individual gifts, sales from the book store and the time and energy of individual volunteers.

Listed below are details about specific ways to support your local library.

Our Used Bookstore

Our bookstore provides a monthly income to the Friends of the Taos Library through the sale of various books, artwork and other types of gifts… Additionally, our bookstore offers a low cost way to acquire ‘gently used’ books of all titles and refresh your reading options. All our books are sorted and refreshed monthly by selecting books in the best condition, books about popular topics, genres and titles, and overall to present a wide range of choices to the public.
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Our bookstore offers approximately 5,000 titles, ranging from biography to fiction to mystery to young and old adult. Drop by to visit our ever changing inventory.

Cash and Gift Donations

Your gift enables the Friends of the Taos Library to… provide funds for library acquisitions (books, periodicals and special collections), purchase new or replace aging equipment, fund building repairs and maintenance, provide staff trainings, coordinate and support special events and more.
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Since 1997 when the new building was dedicated, the Taos Library has been serving the Taos community with a full array of library services – books, classes, meeting rooms, children and youth activities and much more.

Volunteering and Other Ways to Support

Volunteers are a valuable contribution to our efforts to support the Taos Library... Types of activities performed by our volunteers include helping with the bookstore, sorting donated books, gifts, and similar, helping with our summer reading events, and various upkeep and more. We consider the volunteer help the Friends of the Taos Public Library receives some of our most valuable support!
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